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2022 Membership Letter

Dear Friend of Montgomery,                                                                                                   

     Perhaps the historian’s wisdom lies in seeking to untangle the past and leaving prognostications to other experts, like groundhogs.  Despite our best intentions fueled by an optimistic outlook last summer, we had to once again pull back on most of our end of the year programming amid renewed Covid concerns.  It was again disappointing, and again the right thing to do.

     Yet our membership totals rebounded significantly and revenues from dues are stronger than ever. That says something.  Many of you have not even been inside Pratt Hall for more than two years. This kind of support says a lot about your belief in this community and the MHS in particular.  Thank you.

     There were still some great moments in 2021. The farmers market resumed, albeit for an abbreviated season. If you weren’t there the August morning to hear Papa Grey Beard, the one man band, you missed more than a good tomato. Trinkets and Treasures also returned, along with a lot of sweat. (who picked the hottest day of the summer for this ?)  The same weekend we held our annual meeting in the shade of a tent at the Belfry. It was great to reconnect over a plate of fresh pasta.

     Other functions of the Society have continued without interruption.  New efforts are underway to become better custodians of an abundance of archival material, including creating a database to allow easier management but we need to improve our storage building which has no heat or water.  Pratt Hall is in good shape.  Outside of replacing an aging fuel tank and routine maintenance there were no significant issues.  Knock on wood.

     It is always a pleasure to award a modest scholarship to a deserving high school senior.  Our most recent went to Abby Dixson-Boles.  Thanks Abby for the moving essay about how much Montgomery, and Vermont in general, have meant to you and your family over the years.  Best of luck. 

     You have probably seen the historic markers placed in front of three of our covered bridges and our old Union Church (Pratt Hall). These are the result of the collective efforts of the MHS, the state and our local road crew.  They offer a peak into Montgomery’s history, appreciated by both locals and visitors.  If you haven’t already taken a moment to read them you should.  Comstock’s sign was a picturesque addition during our Holiday Happiness horse drawn wagon rides.  We also applied for and received historic preservation funding eligibility for the Town Hall.

     We do not ask for annual funding from town taxes, relying on membership donations instead.   If you are renewing thank you, if you aren’t a member please consider joining us, it’s an opportunity to make a local impact.  As you go through the village take a long look at our regal Pratt Hall.  It is your support that makes all this possible.  That says it all.    THANK YOU!

The Montgomery Historical Society Board

 John Beaty,  Pat Calecas, Tim Chapin, Bob Cummins, Marijke Dollois, Pat Farmer, Mary Garceau,

John Kuryloski, Roger Lichti, Bill McGroarty, Patty Perl. Scott Perry, Elsie Saborowski, & Sue Wilson

The Montgomery Historical Society is a 501.c.3 tax exempt organization and
receives no revenue from the Town’s tax roles.

Montgomery Historical Society
P.O. Box 47 Montgomery, VT 05470