July 2010
3rd Quarter
Number 23
Artifacts & Fiction
Montgomery Historical Society
P.O. Box 47
Montgomery, VT 05470
e-mail pratthall@gmail.com
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 TD Execs tour Pratt Hall
Photo by Ken Secor

Scott Perry - Chair/Editor
 Bill McGroarty - Vice Chair
  Marijke Dollois - Secretary
   Sue Wilson - Treasurer

  The MHS Board meets the third Wednesday of the month at 5:30.  Pratt Hall in the summer, Public Safety Building Conference Room in the winter.

  Note cards based on the Stained Glass Windows of Pratt Hall make a wonderful gift.

Montgomery History Quiz:

   1.  How many school districts were there in Montgomery in 1865?

     a.1  b. 7  c. 11  d. 17

   2.  How many students were there in 1865?

     a. 99  b. 234  c. 365  d. 438

Chairman's Message
     At the Annual Meeting in 2009 I remember jumping up and down and shouting "free money"  to exhort members with savings and checking accounts at TD Bank to designate the Society their TD Affinity partner.  If we could get 50 members to do so we would qualify for a donation from the bank of at least $500.  The bank uses a formula based on the average 12 month balance of all those Affinity members so it's possible to receive even more but we had no expectations beyond the $500 minimum.

     Fast forward to June 2010 and we were literally stunned to learn TD Bank would be donating over $7,800 dollars for our first annual donation.  The MHS was the only Vermont non-profit to receive a check under the TD Bank Affinity program and was ranked in the top twenty of all donations given by TD Bank in the U.S.
!  During a lunch at Pratt Hall, I thanked TD Bank Senior Vice President, Leslie Di Luigi, and stressed this donation would make a huge impact on our work.  (I also asked her for help to change the program so we could include our members with Canadian accounts.)

     We need to keep our Affinity numbers up if we are to remain eligible for the program in future years.  If you are already our Affinity Program partner, thank you. You don't need to do anything to remain in the program.  If you are not, please consider joining up.  If you are already a TD Bank account holder, or are willing to open an account, and are willing to designate the Society please call or visit your nearest TD Bank branch , or call Sue Wilson, 933-2116.
     A big thank you to ALL of our members.  We have lots or challenges ahead as we begin some major restoration and repair.  We couldn't do it without you.

                                                                Scott Perry


2010 Annual Meeting

     Our fun filled and informational Annual Meeting was attended by about 40 members and guests.  We enjoyed Parma's delicious food, exhibits, conversation, reports, and jokes...  Information disseminated included the:
  Membership Report as of Jun 24, 2010
    Membership so far - 160
    New Members - 8
    Business Members - 13
    Membership Donations - $7,620
    Average Donation - $48
    Median Donation - $25

    Slightly ahead of last year at this time
Treasurer's Report as of Jun 23, 2010
    Cash on Hand
      Checking - $ 10,708.28
      Lalia Pratt Hays Scholarship CD - $590.55
      Capital Improvements CD - $  Transferred
      Stained Glass Window Fund CD - $5,747.41
       Domina Print Fund Raiser - $276.53
      Line of credit loan - $0, Zilch, Nada
State of our Society is VERY good.
  Metrics include:
    More Awards   
    Membership #s & $s steady  
    NO Debt
    Savings & Participation Steady  
    Acquisitions Increasing
    Are We Having Fun???
 Challenge - Keep doing what we are doing and make major structural repairs to Pratt Hall.  We need a major grant(s).

Memorial Day 2010

     The Society hosted its 16th annual Memorial Day commemoration on May 31st.  About 35 people listened to this years’ speaker, Lt Commander, Mary Carol Mankin, USN.  Her duty included the aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz, and 4 separate deployments to the Persian Gulf.  Thanks to her, and to American Legion Post 42, Parma Jewett, Tim Chapin, and Sally Newton for making it a very nice remembrance.

Photo by Lynda Cluba
School Days Exhibit

     Kudos to Bill and Margaretta Branthoover for the latest compilation and historical analysis of Montgomery's schools and school districts.  (It's on our web site under the History link).  We used  it as a point of departure to put together a small exhibit for the Annual Meeting and will keep it together for the summer and fall.   It includes a 20 X 30 inch photo reproduction of the 1871 Beers Atlas map of Montgomery with the districts colored.   We hope to offer the exhibit to the school as well.

Eastman Charitable Foundation

     As I write this the Society has paid off the remaining loan incurred by the purchase of the neighboring Heaton property in 2005.  This closes the transaction which cost the Society $45,000.  We are now debt free and have enough money pledged and in our general fund to cover the $7,500 match for the Vt Div. for Historic Preservation Grant for the front entry / vestibule foundation project.  

     In that regard, we owe a big Thank You to Steve and William Hays for their support of our request to the Eastman Charitable Foundation which will be donating nearly $5,000 to the Society over the next three years to help finance this project.  

     All of you should take great pride in these accomplishments.  Your continuing enthusiasm and support of our work were (and remain) critical to every success.

Recent Accessions
, Thanks To:

     Steve Ferriole for a copy of a civil war photo of his relative  John Manosh.

      Douglas Butler for photos, postal ledgers from the Parker Store and other Parker ephemera, and a decorative cloth from his mother's engagement party.  Mr. Butler (90 years young), whose grandfather was Carlos Parker and grand uncle was Natt Parker, let us do an oral history interview while he was here too.  His family owned the Village store, the house at the site of the Toy Factory, and both houses now on either side of Pratt Hall.

     June Rosenburg who made a presentation of a tiny almanac and jar of receipts from the Parker Store at the Annual Meeting.
     Much of this was on exhibit at the Annual Meeting and will also be shown this summer and fall.   We are thinking about putting together an exhibit on the Parker Store.  Got any ideas? artifacts? stories?  


Scholarship Program

      Kaitlin Deuso won the 2010 Lalia Pratt Hays scholarship awarded by the Montgomery Historical Society.  The selection committee had another tough job this year, saying all the applicants were very competitive.  Kaitlin plans to attend the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State College and major in Dairy Science.

Concerts By The Common News

     Steve Hays has confirmed three new artists for our 22nd season of "Concerts By The Common".  They are:  

    July 17- Constitution Brass Quintet
    July 31- Peterman Jazz Quintet
    August 14 - Hewitt/McGuire Harp Flute Duo

     All concerts are at Pratt Hall at 8:00p.m.  Call Lutz Automotive (802) 326-4528 for advance tickets.  Tickets are $12 each ($10 for MHS members).  Purchase the entire series for $30 ($25 for MHS members).  Discounts for groups of 10 or more are available. Tickets are also available at the door the evening of the performance.
Click here for more information

     Thanks to TD Bank, The Eastman Charitable Foundation, The VT Arts Council, and local sponsors and patrons for underwriting these VT and New England performers

Art Show and Sale

     The Board decided to cancel this year's Member Appreciation Art Show Reception, and the Show and Sale, due to the anticipated start of demolition on the front entry way.    Depending on conditions we may open for tours and exhibits on the 28th, the same day as Harvestfest and several other local events.

Town History Update

     Jo Anne Bennett continues her work on an update to the Town history.  Please contact her if you have thoughts on what she should cover or information on the major events in town since the early 90s.  Thanks.

2010 Membership Campaign Reminder

     Our membership count stands at 160 as I write this.  If you haven't renewed yet, please take a moment to do so.  You can print the necessary form from our web site if you can't find our March mailing.  Thanks to all of you who have become members for 2010.  Tell your friends about the good work we're doing and suggest they join you.

Pratt Hall Bugs

     We've found fresh signs of Powder Post beetles in the Tower and are consulting some experts on what we should do next.  We will keep you updated.  

Pratt Hall Clock Update

     The clock is keeping time but it's not chiming the hour. We will continue our efforts to repair it.  

     We also need a new clock winder (aka Quasimodo).  It needs to be wound once a week and we are willing to pay $50.00 a month.  Please contact a Director if you have any questions or are interested.

MHS Chairman Scott Perry receives a TD Bank Affinity Program check from Leslie DiLuigi, Senior Vice President TD Bank, surrounded by his Directors and TD Bank's Dave Estes and Sue Wilson.  Photo by Ken Secor.


Vermont History Quiz Answer

    1.  c.  Eleven.  There had been 12 but District 7 was merged into Districts 2 and 9.  

    2.  d.  438.  This was the largest student population recorded, even though the highest Town census would be 1900 35 year later.

We're An Open Book

     As a reminder, the Agendas and Minutes, which include the Treasurer's Reports, are available on our web site.

The MHS Board is...

     Scott Perry, Bill McGroarty, Sue Wilson, Marijke Dollois, Pat Farmer, Tim Chapin, Ken Secor, Elsie Saborowski, Jo Anne Bennett, Parma Jewett, Bill Branthoover, John Beaty

Web Site Update

     We're always adding content to the Society Web Site.  New additions include:  Histories of all the Montgomery Churches. History of Montgomery Schools, a copy of the 1871 Beers Atlas map of Montgomery, a new About Us page, and an updated Affinity Program page.  As always we welcome your ideas.

     Test your luck in our summer raffle.  Tickets will be for sale for $2.00, or 6 for $10.00, at the Concerts and at Lutz’s Automotive with the drawing being held at the end of the August 14th performace.
     OR...Purchase it directly by clicking the link above.

Thanks for your support!!