July 2009

3rd Quarter
Artifacts & Fiction
Montgomery Historical Society
P.O. Box 47
Montgomery, VT 05470
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Number 19   
Pratt Hall Window

Scott Perry - Chair/Editor
 Bill McGroarty - Vice Chair
  Marijke Dollois - Secretary
   Sue Wilson - Treasurer

  The MHS Board meets the third Wednesday of the month at 5:30.  Pratt Hall in the summer, Public Safety Building Conference Room in the winter.

  Note cards based on the Stained Glass Windows of Pratt Hall make a wonderful gift.

Vermont History Quiz:

  1.  The State was named Vermont in June 1777.  What was it's name before then?

  2.  Which of the following are parts of a horse drawn wagon/carriage?
    A.  Left Reach          
    B.  Rub Iron             
    C.  Falling Tongue
    D.  Iron Skein 
    E.  Fifth Wheel 
    F.  King Pin         
    G.  All of the above

Chairman's Message
     Question:  Why are chickens always busy?  Answer:  They work around the cluck.     

     One of the highlights of my summers for the past several years has been the Society's Annual Meeting.  Aside from providing me a platform to tell jokes, this is an opportunity for the Board and I to tell you, our "stockholders', about all the great work we are doing.   Your feedback has been encouraging.  I know I always leave the meeting jazzed to do more.  I hope the entire membership feels the same way.  

     One of the points of my report this year was there's always a way to make an impact, even beyond what you've already done.  I presented the following list to make the point.
    Write/Administer a restoration/renovation grant
     Create an exhibit about an area that interests you
      Volunteer to docent this summer
       Help move the archives
        Enter data into the archival data base
         Paint Heaton House
          Tell your friends about what we are trying to do
           Write an update to the Town History
            Donate office supplies/postage
             Participate in the TD Banknorth Affinity program
              Buy a "Concerts By The Common" season ticket
               Give a gift of Stained Glass note cards
                Speak on a topic of interest to you
                 Provide an email address

    As I stressed at this year's Meeting, one of my guiding philosophies while serving in this position has been to make doing this volunteer work fun and informative.  This hybrid "Ben and Jerry's" management style has manifest itself in a string of accomplishments in which you can all take great pride... but we can always use more chickens!

                                                                    Scott Perry


2009 Annual Meeting

     Our fun filled and informational Annual Meeting was attended by 48 members and seven guests.  We enjoyed Parma's delicious pupu's, exhibits, conversation, reports, and jokes...  Information disseminated included

  Membership Report as of Jun 19, 2009
    Membership so far - 151
    New Members - 6
    Membership Donations - $7,290
    Average Donation - $50
    Median Donation - $25

Treasurer's Report as of Jun 17, 2009
      Checking - $ 10,198.70
      Lalia Pratt Hays Scholarship CD - $582.04
      Capital Improvements CD - $5,659.11
      Stained Glass Window Fund CD - $5,659.11
      Line of credit loan - $16,040.00

The State of our Society is good.
  Metrics include:
    More Awards   
    Membership #s & $s steady  
    Debt Down
    Savings Up  
    Acquisitions Increasing
    Participation Growing
    Are We Having Fun???

 Challenges - Keep doing what we are doing and make major structural repairs to Pratt Hall.  We need a major grant.

Montgomery - E. Berkshire Stage
35th Anniversary Exhibits

     We are celebrating our 35th anniversary with two exhibits on display at Pratt Hall.  One is on Montgomery's own Marion Towle and her painting on fabric.  Her decorative art features our covered bridges prominently.  The redux of our exhibit on the manufacture of packing cases in Montgomery Center at the Nelson and Hall mill now includes a crate acquired by the Society in late summer last year.
     We've also published a guide to the stained glass windows of Pratt Hall that serves as a self guided tour of these beautiful windows.   Copies are at the Hall, but you can also download them from the Society's web site, www.montgomeryvt.us/mhs.htm.

     The Hall will be open on many weekends throughout the summer from 1-3:00p.m, just look for the "Open" flag and walk in.  FREE.  You can also arrange an opening by appointment by calling any Board Member.

     Thanks to Parma Jewett for her work pulling this together and to those who have given or loaned pieces for display.

Montgomery - East Berkshire Stage Restoration

     Pat Farmer and Andre Gareau were able to fashion a new king pin and assemble the pieces of the chassis in time to exhibit it at the Annual Meeting.  During the assembly we discovered the name D. Arthur Brown stamped on one of the axles.  This dates the axle manufacture to no later than 1880 as best as we can tell.
We displayed it at the Annual Meeting and hoped to display it for the Fourth of July celebration but determined it is too fragile, requiring trailering. We will need to stabilize it, manufacture a new bed/body, ribs and canvas cover if we are to completely renovate the stage.   We will also need to figure out a way to store it if we are to avoid taking it apart each time we want to display it.


Scholarship Program

      This year's winners of the Lalia Pratt Hays scholarship were Melinda Ryea and Anna Charette.  Thanks to the selection committee for completing another tough task.  Good luck Melinda and Anna.

Concerts By The Common News

     Steve Hays has confirmed two new artists and one old favorite for our 21st season of "Concerts By The Common".  They are:  
    July 18th - Atlantic Crossing
    August 1st - Eleva Chamber Players
    August 15th - 38th Parallel

     All concerts are at Pratt Hall at 8:00p.m.  Call Lutz Automotive (802) 326-4528 for advance tickets.  Tickets are $12 each ($10 for MHS members).  Purchase the entire series for $30 ($25 for MHS members).  Discounts for groups of 10 or more are available.  Tickets are also available at the door the evening of the performance.
 Please click here for more information about the performers.  

Art Show and Sale

     This year's Member Appreciation Art Show Reception is August 21st at 6:00p.m.  The Show and Sale will be the 22nd (same day as the Garden Club's Harvestfest) from 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.  Come check out the latest work from area artists and enter a raffle for a Michael Domina water color.

2009 Membership Campaign Reminder

     Our membership count stands at 156 as I write this.  If you haven't renewed yet, please take a moment to do so.  You can print the necessary form from our web site if you can't find our March mailing.  Thanks to all of you who have become members for 2009.  Tell your friends about the good work we're doing and suggest they join you.

Pratt Hall Bugs Update

     Montgomery resident Paul Grenier of Grenier's Pest Control treated the attic and basement of Pratt Hall, and the Stage chassis, for Powder Post Beetles and Carpenter Ants June 20th.   Thanks to all who helped with the preparation and to Grenier's for their generous donation.  (BTW if Asian Lady Beetles, aka bugs, are driving you crazy give Grenier's a call!)  

Pratt Hall Clock Update

     The clock is now working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008 Art Show and Sale


Vermont History Quiz Answer

    1.  Vermont was known as New Connecticut.  

    2.  G.  All of them are parts.

Andre and Pat assemble the Stage chassis

We're An Open Book

     As a reminder, the Agendas and Minutes, which include the Treasurer's Reports, are available on our web site.


     Did you hear about the Japanese exchange student?  He was a wrestler and History major, and graduated from college Sumo Cum Laude.
Clare Coy Memorial

     Clare Coy's memorial service was at Pratt Hall at in April.  Our thanks to those who donated to the Society in her honor, and to her family and friends for a new garden bed and Blue Spruce tree now planted on the front lawn.  

TD Banknorth Affinity Membership Program (AMP) Free Money!!!

     Thanks to all of you who have designated the Society as your TD Banknorth Affinity charity.  We need just 5 more of you to do it and we will qualify for an annual contribution from TD Banknorth of at least $500.  It can be any TD Banknorth account anywhere in the U.S.  It's easy, just call Sue Wilson or Scott Perry.  The Society will not be given any information about you or your account, and it will not cost you a thing.  Click Here for more information.  Thanks again to all of you who have designated the MHS.

Board Changes

     Sally Newton resigned from the Board, after many years, to devote more time to an addiction many share, Bridge.  She's been playing in many tournaments and is rapidly increasing her ranking.  Thank you Sally.

     Three new members have agreed to serve on the Board, Tim Chapin, Ken Secor, and Elsie Saborowski.  All have been longtime supporters and will keep the rest of us on the straight and narrow.  Welcome aboard.
      Remaining Board members are Chair - Scott Perry,  Vice-Chair Bill McGroarty, Secretary - Marijke Dollois, Treasurer - Sue Wilson, Pat Farmer, Jo Anne Bennett, Parma Jewett, Bill Branthoover, & John Beaty.  Our Board meetings are open to all members and are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each  month at 5:30.

Thanks for your support!!