July 2006
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Number 2006-3

Scott Perry - Chair/Editor
Bill McGroarty - Vice Chair
Marijke Dollois - Secretary
Sue Wilson - Treasurer

The MHS Board meets the second Thursday of the month at 5:30.  Pratt Hall in the summer, Public Safety Building Conference Room in the winter.

  2006 Calendars, featuring Montgomery's historic  buildings, are now available on line and at numerous Montgomery businesses and venues.  Also Covered Bridge Mailbox note cards.

July History:

1927 - Edna Beard born.  First woman elected to VT House and subsequently first woman elected to the VT Senate.

1947 - Vermont State Police founded.

1963 - U.S. Postal Service initiates the ZIP Code

2002 - Steve Fossett circumnavigates the globe, solo, in a balloon.

Chairman's Message

     As we set up the display of the completed Covered Bridge Mailboxes in Pratt Hall for the Annual Meeting, my second as Chairman, I couldn't help but think what a wonderfully talented and generous community we share.  The artists outdid themselves, again.  We owe them and our sponsors a big debt.  Thank you.

     I am also thankful for the many individuals who have contributed their time, talent and energy on behalf of our civic mission over the years.  The list is long - a sampling includes... Bob Baron loaning us his chipper; Lois Lumbra keeping Pratt Hall looking pristine; Steve Hays organizing concerts for 18 years; Sue Peters sewing the reproduction cushions for Pratt Hall's pews; Charles Henderson starting our speakers program; Parma Jewett baking and donating refreshments; the Board, Pat Farmer, Andre Gareau, Tim Chapin, and Gary Wetherby cutting trees and clearing brush on the property; Joel Magnuson donating his mowing and landscaping services; Eric Bataille and Heidi Lague honcho-ing the annual Art Show and Sale... and this barely scratches the surface.  
     Since the Society was founded in 1974 major projects have been met head on, without tax dollars and with enormous in kind donations of goods and services.  The Bell Tower and Stained Glass Window restorations are examples of what Bill Branthoover reminds us "can be done when you put your minds to it."

     Then there's the Board.  I want to personally thank every Board member who has served with me over the last three years for their counsel, time, and support.  No one can fully appreciate the contribution they've made unless they've "walked in their shoes."  I've seldom seen a more enthusiastic, hardworking group.  Our recent successes are a tribute to them all.

     So, if like me, you are artistically challenged, consider getting involved in one of our activities.  We can always use another set of hands or whatever talent you can bring to bear.   I know your time is valuable.  Thanks for sharing.

                                                   Scott Perry, Chairman, Board of Directors
                                                   Montgomery Historical Society

Montgomery Historical Society Events and Programs


      About 50 people enjoyed the program on Robert Frost by poet/scholar Geof Hewitt in May.  No other speakers are scheduled as of this writing.

     Sally Newton is now leading our effort in this area.  She
is always looking for program suggestions.  Call her, or e-mail the Society if  you have any ideas.

Annual Meeting

     About 50 members and guests attended this year's Annual meeting.  This year we were at Pratt Hall, and while the weather did NOT cooperate, we did have a great time; tapas, wine, beautiful mailboxes, and wonderful company.    Thanks to Sue Wilson for pulling this together and Tosca Smith for the tapas!

     I made the following points in my Chairman's report:

     The Society will be taking on nearly $40,000 in debt by the end of July but thanks to a great membership drive (so far) and other contributions we will be able to make our monthly payments for 2006 even though our 2005 End Of Year general fund balance was less than $800.00.  Yikes!
 ( If you haven't renewed your membership yet we could really use your support.)

     As I see it our challenges for 2006 are to:
  Maintain & Continue to Increase Membership
  Increase Community Participation
  Plan for Exhibit Space/Storage
  Build An Artifact Collection Database
  Fundraise - Fundraise - Fundraise

2006 Scholarship Awarded

     This year's winner of the Montgomery Historical Society Scholarship  is Victoria Williams.   Vicky was presented with a certificate, a copy of the Montgomery History book, and a check for $500.00 at the Annual Meeting.  Her proud parents, Lorna and Paul were able to surprise her, sort of, and join us for the evening.  Good luck Vicky as you begin your college career at UVM in the fall.

     Thanks to our selection committee, Bill McGroarty, Sabra Massey, Michelle Legault, and Sue Zenith-Collins.  They report the competition was very close yet again.
 Covered Bridge Mailbox Project

     The completed mailboxes debuted at the Annual Meeting and were on exhibit at the library until the 4th.  They are now at venues of the sponsors choosing (8 of 11 are at Trout River Traders)
and will be on exhibit at our annual Art Show and Sale August 26th at Pratt Hall, where the silent auction will culminate.  Please go to the Bid Chart link for a list of the artists, sponsors, the highest bids, and to view pictures of the decorated mailboxes.  You can also e=mail us a bid!!

     Kudos and thanks to Parma Jewett, Sue Wilson, Heidi Lague, Marijke Dollois, and Sabra Massey for pulling this together, and all the participating artists, sponsors, and Ben Weed for building them.

2006 Annual Art Show and Sale

     We will be bringing back our membership appreciation wine and cheese reception, and preview of the annual Art Show and Sale, Friday evening August 25th.  Come, nosh, appreciate, bid on a covered bridge mailbox, or and/or purchase local artwork.  The Art Show and Sale will be Saturday the 26th and will feature the culmination of the mailbox silent auction.  Thanks to Heidi Lague and Eric bataille for organizing this event.

Concert Series

    One down three to go.  The Stockwell Brothers wowed the crowd at the Town Hall on July 8th.  The remaining concerts are:

    July 29th - Green Mountain Chorus
    September 2nd - Will Patton Jazz
    October 7th- Envision Chamber Consort

    Thanks to our sponsors:  Sharon and Rolf Anderson, Sylvester's Market, the Laura Crane Family, the Vermont Arts Council, TD Banknorth, Marijke Dollois and Charlie Fichman, the Rock-Tenn Co., the Eastman Charitable Fund, Fairpoint New England, Blouin Bros. Oil, The Belfry, Peoples Trust, Lutz's Automotive, Elizabeth M. Stanton, Steve and Catherine Hays, The Black Lantern, and  Montgomery Catering Co.

Other News...

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree,
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God aft day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Joyce Kilmer

     So you know...  It was with regret the Board decided to take down the large Red Spruce on the northeastern side of Pratt Hall.  Large branches were rubbing on the roof (worse when laden with snow) and after evaluation by Jay Tree Service we learned the crown had broken off, and ants had started to infest.  Jason Emery, the arborist, recommended we take it down now while it was easier to control, rather than just trimming the offending branches.  This made sense, especially considering the proximity to the stained glass windows.

July 4th Parade Float

Painting Pratt Hall

     Painting and storn window repair has started on Pratt Hall.  It should take most of the month of July as long as the weather cooperates.

Pratt Hall Clock

     Thanks to Rocky Elkins for arranging the repair of the Pratt Hall clock.  It's now keeping time and chiming correctly again.

This and That

 Treasurer's Report at the June 10th Annual Meeting

  - General Fund Account                  $11,592.23
  - Scholarship Account                       $6,282.24
  - Capital Improvements Account       $1,038.59

  - Mortgage                                       $27,582.78
  - Painting                                         $10,000.00

Line Of Credit Available - $20,000.00

MHS property assessed at $348,300.00
( we are a 501.3c tax exempt origination)

New Board Member
     I am pleased to announce Sally Newton re-joined the Board of Directors.  Welcome aboard Sally.

Late Breaking News!!!!!

  Bill Branthoover and crew are putting together a special exhibit from his personal collection, “Pastoral Icons:  The Images and Works of Montgomery’s Clayton Fuller,” at Pratt Hall.  The exhibit will open with a membership appreciation wine and cheese reception Friday July 28th, from 6 - 8 p.m., and run until August 24th.  This will be a “must see” event.  Stay tuned for hours.

Membership as of the July 3rd

                                                         2005         2006 (so far)
  Total  Member                                  181          144
  New    Members                                 23            20
  Membership Fees                       $7,822      $7,020
  Mean Membership Donation            $38           $50
  Median Membership Donation         $25           $25

     Welcome to our newest new members:  Jeff Gonyaw, Michael Perry, William  Wetherbee, Helmut & Gisela Ortlepp, Rodriguez & Maureen Tryhorn, Stephen & Elizabeth Hogan, Mark A.  Cellucci, John & Bernie Boucher, William Harlow, Vicki  Maitre, Robert & Susan Santos, Laura & Shawn Brinton, Barry & Lynnda Levine

  History Internet Surfing

Our new Home Page address is:  www.montgomeryvt.us/mhs.htm


     If you haven't already and would like to receive this newsletter and other event reminders or news via e-mail, please send us an e-mail - pratthall@yahoo.com.  Thanks.

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